The Foundation

The Chowdy Foundation was established in 2017 and donates funds to organizations that support those who suffer from mental health challenges and their families.

10% of every sale on and all of Chowdy's profits go to the Chowdy Foundation. After that, the Chowdy Foundation distributes these funds to organizations supporting mental health.

To learn which organizations we support and more information about them, visit the Who We Support tab and click on the mental health organizations' logos.

In a crisis?

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Or Text NAMI to 741741


Being Chowdy means to seek balance in your life. Finding balance can sometimes be challenging but Chowdy serves as a reminder to unplug and do the Chowdy (favorite activity) that makes you happy and helps you to decompress. For example, having in-person conversations around your interests is also a way to Be Chowdy!


Whether working, playing or just chilling, Chowdy encourages you to be in the moment. Work with your phone on silent and see how much you get done. We are big on unplugging and enjoying friends and family without interruption. Get outside. Have an in-person conversation. Walk, breathe, dance, run, play sports, do the things you love, and most importantly, Be Chowdy!